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Insync Scent Co

Car Air Freshener

Car Air Freshener

This mini car air fresheners are the perfect decoration to spice up your car.

  • Morning Bath (inspired by Avobath from Lush): Lemongrass and clove notes  blended with lavender 
  • Apricot Freesia Fresh freesia and juicy apricot notes
  • Eucalyptus Peach: Refreshing mixture of eucalyptus and peach notes 
  • Lychee Red Tea: Lychee note mixed with red tea, geranium, and lily

The flowers that are placed inside are real and hand-dried. It will be delivered to you with a plastic cap covering to ensure that the liquid does not spill en route. 

Steps to install:
1) Unscrew the wooden cap 
2) Take off the clear plastic cap inserted in the bottle 
3) Screw back on the wooden cap 
4) Hang it inside your car and enjoy the smell! 

*Disclaimer*: The more liquid you spill onto the wooden cap, the stronger the scent will be & shorter the liquid will last. The amount of flowers inside will vary due to us manually putting them in by hand. 

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